The National Awards

The National Honours and Awards Act was enacted in 2001 and accented to by the President in 2005.

The Act is to provide for the creation of the Presidential Awards Committee (PAC), recognition and conferment of titles of honour, decoration, medals, awards, and orders, the establishment of the Chancery for the custody of awards and to provide for other related matters.

The Act provides for a PAC, consisting of the Chairperson, and Eight (8) committee members.

It also provides for a Chancery as the Permanent Custodian of Honours, Awards, and Medals. The Chancery is headed by a Chancellor who is the Secretary to the Chancery, and whose terms and conditions are equal to that of a Permanent Secretary.

The Mandate of PAC is to advise the President in respect of the persons upon whom titles of Honor may be conferred, and generally in respect of the President’s performance of his functions in Section 5 of the National Honours and Awards Act, 2001.

The Chancery from time to time receives names from various Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Individuals with a write up giving reasons to justify the proposed award to the individual(s). The Chancery then submits the names to the PAC for discussion, selection, and recommendation to H.E the President. The medalists are approved by the President either acting on his own initiative or based on recommendations made to him.

There are six National/Public Functions at which award of medals (Investiture Ceremonies) are performed by H.E. the President. These are: 25th January, Victory Day, 6th February, Tarehe Sita (Army Day), 8th March, Women’s Day, 1st May, Labour Day, 9th June, Heroes Day, and 9th October, Independence Day.

Functions of the Chancery

  1. Procurement and Custody of Honours and Awards
  2. Organisation of Investiture/Award Ceremonies
  3. Establishment and maintainance of Archives for National Honors
  4. Preparation and publishing of the National Honours list
  5. Identification and Research on Nominees for Honors and Awards
  6. Sensitisation and Awareness creation of the National Honors and Awards Act
  7. Facilitation and reward of Honorees